FAQ on excursions

According to Ukrainian law, you can visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone from the age of 18. The consent of the parents or their presence on the trip does not change the situation

Our team, together with the administration of the exclusion zone and environmentalists, have developed absolutely safe routes, moving along which nothing threatens your health. At the same time, you must listen to the accompanying guide, observe the rules of visiting and radiation safety standards.

There are several types of trips to the exclusion zone. The price for them varies. You can look at more detailed information on cost here

You need to determine the desired date of the tour, after which you need to send an application for participation. You can also contact us by any number listed on the site and we will tell you in detail about the trip. Then wait for the date of the tour and arrive at the meeting place without delay.

The radiation background in the Exclusion Zone varies from normal to high, in some places it is less than in Kiev, and in some places it slightly exceeds the norm, we do not visit dangerous excess areas, for us safety is above all! For the entire duration of the excursion you will receive a dose of radiation in about one hour of flight in an airplane, much less than the dose of exposure to fluorography or computed tomography!